Flat Roofing

We are experienced in all forms of flat roofing it does not matter whether it’s on your main roof, garage, porch or an extension, we have successfully and promptly fitted all types of new or replacement flat roofs. It is essential that flat roofing work is carried out by a qualified roofer to avoid further damage to your property and give you peace of mind.

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Felt Flat Roof

It is often remarked that traditional felt flat roofing has a short shelf life and more susceptible to leaking as water can pool on the roof surface. Also the extremes of weather we often experience in our region (from very cold temperature to the souring hot summers we have recently) can cause old felt roofing to expand and contract and eventually fail.

At Frontline Improvements we use high quality felts, which are laid in hot bitumen for long life. As well as felt roofs we can fit both  GRP fibreglass flat roofs and EPDM rubber roofs which can have a much longer the average lifespan than  traditional felt roof.

Felt roofs are ideal for small roofs and where budget is a concern. This type of roof is often used for shed roofs and smaller projects.

Fibreglass Roofing System

A Fibreglass Roof can be used on any type of flat roof, such as, Garages, extensions, bay windows and balconies, and can even provide you with a non-slip walk way.
Fibreglass Roofs are tough and hardwearing and have a seamless finish. Fiberglass Roofing is maintenance free and can last for many years, ours comes with a 25 years guarantee.
Fibreglass Roofs are fire retardant and heatproof.

EPDM rubber roofs

Rubber roofing is a great option for flat roofs. It is very durable and has a long life span. It is also hardwearing and not weakened or damaged by algae or moss. Rubber roofing is a flexible roofing material which as a result reduces the risk of splitting and leaking. In the event that a rubber roof is damaged it can be easy to repair (unlike some types of flat roofing options).

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Examples of a flat roof installation

Before a new flat roof

New Flat Roof

Flat Roof installation

Completed Flat Roof

Flat Roof installation

Completed Flat Roof

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